Giorgio Moroder   Einzelganger 1975
Исполнитель: Giorgio Moroder
Название диска: Einzelganger
Жанр: Electronic
Год Выпуска:1975
Количество треков: 9
Формат | Качество:MP3/256
Размер файла: 69 MB

1 Einzelganger 4:37
2 Aus (The End) 6:52
3 Warum (Why) 3:08
4 Percussiv 3:58
5 Good Old Germany 5:08
6 Basslich 2:50
7 Untergang (Ruin) 5:10
8 Liebes-Arie (Love Song) 4:48
9 Einzelganger 1:54

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"Mp3maniaco" blog review

This album is an original; imaginative; brilliant. Knew nothing about the guy when I first bought it on vinyl some 30 years or so ago. This album has some damn fine electronic on it; includes interesting and brilliant bits of percussive; and some (seemingly) dopey pop-like electronic ditties; they don't grow on you quickly; actually bloody original (and I heard a bit of 70s electronic growing up). Probably would have been a 4 star; but for the song "Liebes Arie", which takes it to a 4 1/2 star album. The song is one of my favourites musical work of all time, beating (but not by much) even Clearlight Symphony, and the few decent mid-70s Tangerine Dream albums that also hurl me into other weird and wonderful times and places. In my delusory state, the song triggers the reek of an eternal universal presence that raises in me a modicum of unconcerning doubt, to the effect that an entity is, more likely than not, entitled to consider that the conditioning of the entity by the entity's processing and relative perceptual rationalisation of external stimuli by and through the entity's physical senses into a framework the entity can feel comfortable with for the purpose of maintaining its ongoing existence means diddly-squat to determining the actual scheme of things. I probably should chase up some of Georgie's other earlier albums...
4.5 out of 5 stars