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Laszlo Benko (keyboards from "Omega")

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Laszlo Benko - 1989 - "Lexikon A-Z"
1 CD release combining the studio albums Lexikon 1 & Lexikon 2 released in 1982 & 1984
© 1989/1993 MEGA (HCD 37660)
Total time - 76:35
Жанр: Progressive Electronic
релиз от Ivan Szorokov

01. Atlantisz     3:53
02. Bábel     4:18
03. Cirkusz     3:48
04. Drakula     1:21
05. Energia     2:21
06. Fata Morgana 3:18
07. Guernica     5:27
08. Hazárd     2:15
09. Impromptu     4:17
10. Jaguár     2:15
11. Kánon     2:24
12. Légió     3:52
13. Mambó     2:23
14. Nosztalgia     2:50
15. Orpheus     4:44
16. Pieta     4:37
17. Quartier Latin 2:43
18. Reflex     2:50
19. S.O.S.     2:01
20. Titanic     5:05
21. W.C.     1:43
22. Zebra     2:36
23. X.Y.     4:10

Laszlo Benko Plays:
Piano sythesizer, Organ, Roland Sh 1000, Roland drum-computer, Roland Jupiter 4, KORG polysix, KORG mono/poly, Yamaha CS 70M, ARP Omni, mini moog, PPG Wave 2.2, Emulator, piano
Additional Musician: Janos Kobor - piano

Recorded at Omega Studioban 1982-1984

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Доп. информация:
Два LP альбома, которые выпустили на 1-ом CD в 1989 г.
Benkő László - 1982 - Lexikon I
Benkő László - 1984 - Lexikon II

— First review of this album —
Originally released as two separate albums as Lexikon I & II in 1982 and 1984 respectively these were Omega keyboardist Laszlo Benko`s first attempts at solo work, the first of which coincided with the release of Omega`s 11th studio album, Omega XI. Incorporating the computer technology Omega were dabbling in at the time Benko recorded these two highly experimental electronic keyboard albums which were way out there and sound just as futuristic as they did back ion the early eighties. The Lexikon concept was simply to use words arranged alphabetically as titles for a series of minumilistic electronic keyboard pieces which didn`t necessarily have anything to do with one another whose lengths clocked in at an average of 3 minutes. Just enough time for some interesting musical developments but not acheiving enough monotony to try short attention spans. Although many of the tracks have the potential for extension they remain short and sweet and create many moods from numerous sources of influence from Kraftwerk to earlier Tangerine Dream and others but are not necessarily concerned with textured soundscapes but rather more at driving their points across through short passages with stated themes and ideas which are expanded and added to as much as possible within their short running times. Utilizing contemporary state-of-the-art keyboard products frrom Roland, KORG and Yamaha as well as drum computers, all kinds of quirky musical images and effects are created here. However, there is nothing primitive about Lexikon A-Z but at the same time it does not approach the sophistication of the ambient visions of artists normally associated within the progressive electronic realm. Although disciplined, Lexikon A-Z does indeed tend to sound like Benko playing around with his newly acquired toys on Christmas morning especially on more outlandish tracks such as the spooky Drakula, the bizarre Circusz and the psuedo waltz, Pieta, nonetheless these pieces are nonetheless warmly refreshing. Other somewhat more serious tracks such as Mambo, Fata Morgana, Quartier Latin or Atlantisz stretch the technology avialable to Benko creating all kinds of simulations of steel drums, simulated vocalizations and even evoking the ambience of a outdoor French café on Quartier Latin. Other tracks explore more rhythmic techno experiments (Babel, X.Y., SOS) and those familiar with the music of Benko`s work in his day job with Omega will also recognize some themes from Omega tracks popping up from time to time as well.

An interesting mish mash of electronic computer generated musical ideas and concepts which, because of their individual running times, move the album along at a quick pace. If distant comparisons must be made Kraftwerk and Nue! would come to mind as well as a bit of everything from the 70`s electronic/ambient scene but without the tense atmospheres, layering and extended themes. Technologically sound and well produced in the hands of a veteran normally heard in a group situation, Lexikon A-Z is a more light hearted approach to synthesised music that doesn`t take itself too too seriuosly.

Benkő László - Jaguár

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Benko Laszlo - 1990 - Ikarosz
© 1990 HUNGAROTON (HCD 37279)
Total time - 61:13
релиз от Ivan Szorokov

01. a. alfa/alpha  4:05
02. b. béta/beta  3:02
03. g. gamma  4:05
04. d. delta  2:45
05. e. epszilon/epsilon  4:56
06. l. lambda  4:36
07. m. mű/mu  3:43
08. p. pi  3:57
09. s. szigma/sigma  4:26
10. w. omega  3:13
11. Pietŕ  4:55
12. S. O. S.  2:00
13. Titanic  5:03
14. Aphrodité gyermekei I./Aphrodite's Children I.  6:18
15. Aphrodité gyermekei II./Aphrodite's Children II.  3:40

Benkő László - Piano, Synthesizer
Solti János - Drums
Debreceni Ferenc és Solti János - Drum programs
Muck Ferenc - Saxophone
Patai Tamás - Guitar
Cserháti Zsuzsa, Kovács Kati, Takáts Tamás - Vocal

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Benkő László "Ikarosz" сканы


Огромное спасибо, очень давно искал в "лосях" :cool:




Benkő László - 1991 - Omegamix
(P) 1991 HUNGAROTON / MEGA HCD 37476
Total time - 40:42
релиз от hatross01
при помощи 30277

Mix 1
01. Egi Vandor
02. Az egben lebegok csarnoka
03. 200ewel az utoslo haboru utan
04. En elmegyek
05. Ejsakai orszagutan
06. Hajnali ocean
07. Idorablo
08. Csillagok utjan
09. Metamorfozis
10. A Buvesz
11. Hutlen baratok
12. Regi csibeszek
13. Orultek oraja
14. Addig elj
15. Kemeny jatek
16. Ejfeli koncert

Mix 2
01. Nytany
02. Lena
03. Atlantisz
04. Fekete
05. Ezust eso
06. Ajanlott utvanol
07. Start
08. A fold arnyekos oldalan
09. Njari ejek asszonya
10. Petroleum lampa
11. Babylon
12. Gammapolis
13. Tizezer lepes
14. Nem tudom a neved

Laszlo Benko plays: Roland S-770, D70, D550, U220, R8M, W30, Super JX
Additional Musician: Janos Kobor - Guitar

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Доп. информация:
Сольный альбом Laszlo Benko "Omegamix", как понятно из названия, это миксы хитов группы Omega.
А точнее - это инструментальные варианты 30 песен, собранные в 2 больших микса, сыгранные нон-стопом.

''Omegamix'' is the most accessible solo work of Laszlo Benko. There are two long tracks, each, in its turn, contains cuts of OMEGA tunes performed by Laszlo on keyboards. Other band members are also credited, but it's not so easy to ditinguish between electronic drums played by Ferenc Debreceni and programmed drum sounds.

The work consists of two cleverly extended suite-like tracks containing themes from Omega`s repetiore from the sixties all the way up to 1987`s Babylon album which reveals Benko`s knowledge of the classics with each beginning with a prelude-like excerpt followed by individual minor keyed interpretations of each main theme centered around a grand piano which can be instantly identifiable by any long-time fan. Not presented in any specific chonological order but rather arranged dynamicaly, Benko manages to achieve a suprisingly flawless random flow of Omega`s remarkably diverse music written roughly over a 25 year period. Even those who are not familiar with Omega`s work will be taken aback, and as on previous solo work Benko doesn`t stretch himself too much and does not dwell too long on each individual musical idea utilizing his electronic toys at a reasonably conservative virtuosic level and achieving a very pleasant and accessable end result.


Anatolik - вот спасибо так спасибо!!!! :cool: Давно ищу!!!


Well!! thanks AnatoliK for this great enlighment!

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