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Artist: Energit
Album: Same / Piknik
Year: 1973 - 78 (© 2008, Indies Records)
Format: FLAC (image +cue), HQ scans
Size: 990MB

Finally got this excellent czech fusion band a CD reissue! But worthwhiled waiting for it. The expanded, remastered album gives us two discs full filled with complet studio recordings by band plus never released bonus tracks from personally archives of band leader and guitarist Luboš Andršt. Bonuses sounds very good, in spite of the fact that they was recorded live.
Both LP and EP presentate fusion in the vein of The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Weather Report or Corea's Return To Forever. Difference between two albums is, that for Piknik's recordings was invited a brass section. Bonus tracks from the first disc are above mentioned lonely EP, further live track "Superstimulátor", composition earlier presentated on fame Jazzrock Workshop vol.2 and finally three live tracks. Their sound is more harder and wilder like their studio version from the first LP. Second disc's bonuses come from very first incarnation of group, when Andršt founded Energit with some members of former progressive legend, Flamengo. This time band played music far away from their later sound. Here played a typical early 70's Hard'n'Blues. The best piece is a concert attraction "Freedom", a long bluesrock track with wonderful guitar solo.
Unfortunataly, the editor put into the booklet information only in czech language. It is much pity because it contains a lot of interesting informations about the band, albums and interview with Luboš Andršt. Have not idea, how want a record company sell their cds abroad.

01. Ráno (part I) / Morning (part I)
02. Paprsek ranního slunce / The Early Sunray
03. Noční motýl / Night-Butterfly
04. Apoteóza / Apotheosis
05. Ráno (part II) / Morning (part II)
06. Zelený satén / Green Velvet #
07. Soumrak / Twilight #
08. Supersimulátor / Supersimulator #
09. Ráno (part II) - Noční motýl / Morning (part II) - Night-Butterfly (live) #
10. Flying (live) #
11. Ráno (part I) / Morning (part I) (live) #

01. Drift
02. Stratus
03. Jarní rovnodennost / Spring Equinox
04. Mobilis In Mobili
05. Zapomenutý ostrov / Forgotten Island
06. Říční písek / River Sand
07. Piknik / Picnic
08. Blue Dance #
09. Freedom #
10. loneliness #
11. Crazy Rock #
12. Mexico #
13. Blue Dance #

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Спасибо автору!
Группа - супер!
А то собирался заливать...


потрясающий фьюжн без всяких скидок на "демократство". спасибо!

Отредактировано серджо (2009-04-29 18:27:37)


Would you mind to scan cover and booklet please ? Otherwise great job. Thanks.


To MrK>  Complete Covers and Booklet are inside the archive.


Links are dead, could you reupload it again please. I like it very much. Thank you very much.


Перезалейте, пожалуйста!

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