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Progresív TM

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Progresiv TM - Dreptul De A Visa (1973)


Romanian collective Progresiv TM seem like distant cousins to the Italian scene, which makes sense given the Latin roots of both races. More than I ever realized before, there are parallels to the Italian group Delirium here. Except that Progresiv TM are considerably heavier and less diverse. Progressiv TM are one of the few bands that have that Black Sabbath guitar tone from the early 1970s. They don't play it in a doom-laden riff style ala the Sabs, but the sound is so very thick. The yin yang is the contrast with the heavy flute presence, which generally carries the melody line. Vocals are well done, dramatic and once again seem Italian (no surprise as Romanian is as close to Latin as any active language). There's also a strong post psych element at play here, which can be off-putting to those who aren't psych fans. For me, appreciation of said style may also contribute to my overall appreciation. While I can't say I've heard every album from Romania, I can claim to have heard all the acclaimed ones in the progressive rock field. And as far as I'm concerned, this album is light years better than anything else I've heard from there. I just wonder how much great material could have been released during the progressive rock heyday of the early 1970s, had it not been for the most oppressive dictator of the Eastern Bloc? ~ http://thomashayes.com/albums/progresivtm.htm

CD >>> .ape (image +.cue), HQ scans



Progresiv TM - Puterea Muzicii (1977)


In the autumn of 1977 few were them, who believed that Florin Ochesku (guitar), Liviu Tudan (bass, vocal), Ion Cristian (drums), Ladislav Herdina (guitar, vocal) and Hary Coradini (vocal) would work their way up tpgether. The early name Progresiv TM - Rosu si Negru Suprgroup (Red and Black Supergroup) sounded pompous same, seemed rather ordinary to others uncommon and senseless to most of those who could not conceive the putting together the two well known names. Nobody would have thought then, more than one thousand days before, than Herdina and Coradini would leave Timisoara for Bucharest, that Tudan would detach himself from the ominous "Rosu si Negru", and together with Herdina produce top musical piece, who would have thought, that Ochescu, undoubtly one of our most technical guitar players, would ever accept the pernament tandem with same Herdina, and finally who could have expected Cristian to become popular metronome-like drummer? Time has worked in their behalf. When Progresiv comes on the stage, the public is like a forest where the wind makes the leaves moan, like a sea in the depths of which the storm is going to break.
I have listened to this rock opera "Power Of Music" played on many stages in the country and abroad. I was not surprised to see the audience encoring and scanning Pro-gre-siv, but found it quite natural. Not even one ampliner punched by Fender or Marshall did contribute to the creation to the Progresiv sound, this unique record worth being proud of. "The Power Of Music" has the same effect and goes as deeply, and I am not surprised, but find it quite natural. Florin Ochescu's solos are coloured with sensational moments indeed. Ladislav Herdina is backing him like a mirror reflecting truth of the losting creation in the sounds in music. Harry Coradini is successfully facing some vocal dubbing bearing enclusively his signature, whereas Ian Cristian is about to present the hits of his rhythmic developments. And I am not surprised, but find it quite natural. They sing about "Man and their Deeds" (Oameni si fapte), about "Oath" (Lagamint) and about "Choosing the Peace" (Optione pentru pace), about "The Power Of Music" (Puterea muzicii) and the "Thirst For The Forest" (Sete de padure), about "Candid Step Towards Reality" (Pas candid catre realitate) and "Open Thought" (Grid curat), all included in such simple, everyday themes that we are tempted to wonder why we should nourish more thoughts for the moon and the stars, than for the earth we are walking on with the very feet that carry ourselves. "Feet On The Ground", that is how I should have named the latest musical creation of the Progresives. Why that? Because everything happens here, on the earth, among people, either in Electrecord's recording studio, or on the Bucharest Palace Hall stage, or anywhere in the world. "The Power Of Music" is direct invitation to philosophy. It is rather a "candid step towards reality", on urge towards on "open thought" stripped of hypocrisy. And I am not surprised, but find it quite natural.

CD-R (LP rip) >>> ape (image +.cue)

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