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Panta Rhei

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Panta Rhei - Das Beste (1971 - 1974)


Not to be confused with the sametitled prog band from Hungary. Panta Rhei were a Progressive Rock outfit from former East Germany consisting of 11 music students, among them a young Veronika Fischer as lead singer. Formed in the early 70s by leader Herbert Dreilich, the group only ever recorded one album and several 45's for Amiga, before they disbanded in 1975 with some members starting solo efforts and some changing to better known Krautrock formation Karat. Musically speaking, Panta Rhei played an unmistakeable sound blending Jazz Rock, Soul and Beat with strong political lyrics sung in German. dissonant brass arrangements, distorted fuzz guitar, lots of rhythmic changes and hard, aggressive backbeats are significant for their progressive musical attitude, often sounding superfunky in the improvisional, non vocal parts. 'Der Losverkäufer' kicks off with a fantastic drum and bass driven break and then turns into a hardedged vocal shouter backed by a very funky rhythm section and only interrupted by some insane saxophone madness in the middle. 'Zwischen Gestern Und Morgen' shows up with great psychedelic hammond play and begs to be sampled because of its mad wah-wah / flute intro. also remarkable is the last track 'Finis', a shuffle-beaty piano groove with high level dancefloor potential. 9 years after their highly praised selftitled debut LP Amiga released ‚Die frühen Jahre', a compilation of their early material, which has only been available in 45 format. two highly recommended albums, along with Uve Schikora's ‚Das Gewitter' offering some of the hardest funky beats that have emerged from East German Underground. (Amiga 1971 & 1980/LP)~ deliriousmusic.at

CD>>> .ape (image +.cue), HQ scans





Panta Rhei-Panta Rhei '1973 (East Germany, DSB 3210-2, Psychedelic Jazz Rock)

351,3 МБ, FLAC, cue, m3u, covers

01. Alles fließt :04:11
02. Über mich :04:19
03. Der Losverkäufer :04:46
04. Nachts :05:12
05. Tuyet :05:21
06. Blues :05:44
07. Zwischen gestern und morgen :06:14
08. Kinder dieser Welt :07:58
09. Gib dir selber eine Chance :08:53
10. Finis :03:35    

CD: Panta Rhei - Panta Rhei (East Germany), DSB 3210-2.
AMIGA, DSB GmbH, Edel Company, 1993, Germany


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